Half the money you spend on digital marketing is wasted. Do you know which half?

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UPTRACS is a digital metrics platform that allows a business owner to identify the marketing source of both web visits and phone calls. It's what puts us ahead of the competition - and it can do the same for your business.

How it Works

Our platform measures responses to all your marketing efforts. We are able to identify the source of each response and calculate each conversion lead, both online and off. In real-time you know which channel is performing the best for you – ensuring ad spend is allocated effectively. With a live dashboard along with the ability to schedule regular reports UPTRACS has you covered from day to day management and more. In addition to tracking phone leads, UPTRACS’ innovative software also records calls for quality assurance which can be accessed with one click from the live dashboard.


Keep up on the latest marketing analytics chatter and read how some of our customers are using the UPTRACS platform to increase their sales revenue while cutting their marketing costs.

White Papers

Download our latest Get To The Point white paper titled "What your Franchisees need to turn their Online Ad Spend into Real In-Store Sales".


Get started today and discover how UPTRACS can eradicate your wasted ad spend, help you be more predictive in your ad strategy and lower your cost per lead. Start your 45 day free trial now with absolutely no obligation. No credit card required. Signing up is easy and will take only 5-10 minutes.